Who Said We Can’t?

For my first post on CxC  Inspires, I wanted to share an ad I stumbled upon on YouTube. Usually, I’m that person who skips a good 90 percent of the ads. If it’s not catching my attention in those five seconds, then I’m pushing the skip button. But this particular Dove ad caught my eye.

If you’re not familiar with their ads, Dove has been doing campaigns about embracing women to be confident and comfortable with themselves. This ad called “Dove Love Your Hair,” speaks about how women are always being pressured to wear their hair a certain way. Women of all races and ages, at some point in their life, feel obligated to change their hair because it’s different than what society thinks is normal. The pressure ranges from keeping up with trends to changing the natural pattern or color of their hair. Well, these women are showing everyone that they don’t care what people are telling them. They’re going to wear their hair this way because this is how they want to wear it. Hairstyles should not put them into a category or define who they are.

Whether your hair is growing that way naturally, or you’re just a person who enjoys changing it up every month. It should be that way because this is how you want it. In 2006, India Arie told us that she is not her hair, and it shouldn’t define who she is. Dove is just reminding us that in 2016.

As a person with naturally curly hair, I have been told to wear my hair many different ways. People have suggested that:  I wear it natural because it’s my culture, wear it straight because it would look “more presentable, ” and not to dye it because I need to love my original hair color. I choose to wear my hair natural because it’s how I want it. I think natural hair is beautiful, and I love adding a little color to spice it up. There will always be someone that says “you can’t wear it that way because…, ” but my natural hair is here to stay.

No matter what you choose as your signature hairstyle, it should always be your personal decision. So check out the ad—if you haven’t already— and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences about this subject.





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