Confidently Beautiful

I’m usually not the one who catches the Miss USA pageant on TV every year. After the competition, I’d either read about it or watch quick interviews on TV. This year, as I was flipping channels, I decided to watch the end of the pageant. I was interested in hearing how the finalists responded to their last interviews. Also, I was interested to see who the judges and America thinks is worthy of the title based on their responses.

As the contestants responded,  something caught my attention. It was Deshauna Barber’s—Miss USA 2016— answer to what confidently beautiful means to her. The other two contestants responded with their ideas of being beautiful inside and out. They were great responses, but Barber’s response contained something that we usually don’t think of right away. It was strength. Physically and mentally, it plays a major part in a person’s confidence.

When we hear people talk about being confident, we hear about being beautiful inside and out. It’s entirely true, but there can be more to it. In Barber’s response, she stated that “people associate beauty with weakness and they learn very quickly that I’m extremely strong, and though I’m small, I’m powerful.”

As women, it’s important to be physically and mentally strong. Many people are still viewing athletic women as not being beautiful. Being strong is wonderful. Not just for the love of your body staying in shape, but also it makes you feel unstoppable. Because women are considered beautiful, it should not restrict us from running that 5k or even joining the military. There’s nothing that says we can’t do it all.

Lastly, being mentally strong is just as important as physical strength. Mental strength develops over time and keeps developing for years to come. There are going to be a million reasons why someone will say we can’t do something in life. Without mental strength, many wouldn’t have the confidence to accomplish goals and set aside anything—or anyone— that limits them.

Like many things in life, confidence is made up of many components and is different for everyone. Barber’s take on it is great for girls and women because sometimes we forget how strong we are and how strong we can become.





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