The CxC Playlist 001

The CxC Playlist is made for music lovers to discover new music, reminisce on old music and discover old music that they bypassed or forgotten throughout the years. From Hip-Hop to Indie, I am one of those people that has a new favorite playlist almost every week. Therefore, I’ve decided to share what I currently have on repeat and just can’t get enough of.

So here’s a little of the new, the old,  and the middle school.

  1. “Bone and Tissue”  x  Gallant

  2. “Fantasy”  x  Alina Baraz

  3. “Shape of You”  x  Ed Sheeran

  4. “The Truth”  x  India Arie 

  5. “Mr. Telephone Man”  x  New Edition

  6. “Ooouuu”  x  William Sage

  7. “Location”  x  Khalid

  8. “I Do” x  Young Jeezy ft. Jay Z and Andre 3000

  9. “Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom)  x  N.E.R.D

  10. “Super Rich Kids”  Frank Ocean ft. Earl Sweatshirt


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